Top 10 Horror Movies

Our Very Subjective List Is Just in Time for Halloween Movie Watching This Weekend

This In the Mix blog looks at the top 10 horror movies of all time. As you likely know, industrial mixers are employed in the manufacturing of all kinds of plastics and other chemical compounds used in moviemaking such as makeup, hair products, silicone and even fake blood.  We thought these lists would be a fun way to combine the mixing world and the entertainment world.

Like all “Top”, “Best” or “Worst” lists, our favorite horror movies list is very subjective. It’s also not really ours. We compiled the list based on replies to several Reddit posts on the topic as well as IMDB rankings.

Those replying to the Reddit posts included dozens of different horror movies as personal favorites based on our informal analysis. About 10-15 movies appeared as favorites the most frequently. Because our analysis was not very scientific, we also referenced IMDB rankings for the Reddit favorites to create our Top 10 list below. A 10 Next Best list was created as well for other horror movies with fairly frequent Reddit mentions.

Without further delay, here are our lists:


Our Top 10 Horror Movies


  1. Alien (1979; 8.5/10 IMDB)

Although nearly 45 years old, this spine-tingler still takes the number one spot on many favorite horror movie lists.


  1. Psycho (1960; 8.5)

This Alfred Hitchcock classic was produced 20 years earlier than Alien, but many consider it the best horror movie of all time.


  1. The Shining (1980; 8.4)

Jack Nicholson at his creepy best in this adaptation of the classic Stephen King book.


  1. The Thing (1982; 8.2)

The second alien-based movie to make our top 10 list. See the original 1982 film directed by John Carpenter. The 2011 remake has a much lower IMDB rating (6.2).


  1. The Exorcist (1973; 8.1)

As disturbing as they come. Be prepared to lose sleep for days if you’re watching for the first time.


  1. Halloween (1978; 7.7)

There are seven total films in this franchise, but the original that starred Jamie Lee Curtis and introduced the Michael Myers character is considered by most to be the best. John Carpenter also directs.


  1. Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974; 7.4)

Like Halloween, this low budget film is in the slasher genre and features a deranged killer (Leatherface). Initial reviews were mixed but many now consider this to be one of the most influential horror movies.


  1. Scream (1996; 7.4)

Like Halloween, this franchise includes over 5 films. The original is again considered the best and has an equally good trailer.


  1. Hereditary (2018; 7.3)

This movie has very good reviews in general (it was #1 on several Reddit lists), but some said the story was overly confusing.


  1. Candyman (1992; 6.7)

Another slasher style movie set in the Chicago area of Cabrini-Green. Three other films are included in this franchise with the fourth (Candyman; 2021) being a sequel to the original, not a remake.


10 Next Best Horror Movies

  1. Jaws (1975; 8.1)
  2. Rosemary’s Baby (1968; 8)
  3. Get Out (2017; 7.8)
  4. Saw (2004; 7.6)
  5. Carrie (1976; 7.4)
  6. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984; 7.4)
  7. Alive (1993; 7.1)
  8. The Ring (2002; 7.1)
  9. Blair Witch Project (1999; 6.5)
  10. Friday the 13th (1980; 6.4)

There were many other horror movies that appeared on Reddit top 10 lists. As expected, there was considerable debate about the worthiness of many films, including whether some even belonged in the horror movie genre (e.g., Jaws).

Regardless of which horror movies make your top 10 list, we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween that includes watching a few of your favorites and maybe some from our list you haven’t seen.

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