ProQuip D Series Agitators

Sizes: to 40HP
Speeds: 35 to 360 RPM
Torques: to over 22,000 in-lbs
Shaft Diameter: up to 4-1/2 inches

D Series Top-Entry Tank Agitator

  • Rugged steel housing resists shock loads, and maintains accurate gear alignment.
  • Precision-designed helical gears provides extra strength and longer life.
  • Oversized high-capacity alloy steel output shaft provides stiffness to accommodate high bending loads.
  • Dry-well dam around the output shaft provides a positive barrier against oil leakage and eliminates an output shaft oil seal.
  • C-face motor adapter ensures fast, positive motor alignment.

Design Features

AShock-Resistant, Accurate Gear Alignment

Rugged cast iron housings absorbs mixing stresses while maintaining accurate gear alignment and resisting corrosion.

BPositive motor alignment, simple installation.

C-face motor adapter ensures fast, positive motor alignment and simplifies installation with a flexible coupling.

CHigh efficiency, maximum load carrying capacity.

High strength helical gearing is designed for high efficiency and maximum load carrying capacity.

DDrywell design prevents lubricants from leaking.

Drywell construction isolates oil sump from the output shaft to prevent gear lubricants from leaking and contaminating the product being mixed.

ESeals keep contaminants out.

Severe duty, grease purgeable upper seals provide a grease barrier that traps water, dirt, and abrasive contaminants before they can enter the unit and cause damage.

FHigh capacity mixer shaft bearing, easy maintenance, longer life.

High capacity mixer shaft bearing isolates impeller loads from gearing and provides a high moment capacity. They are grease lubricated, and field regreasable for easy maintenance and longer life.

GEasy maintenance.

Standard automotive-type quick-check dipstick allows fast, easy oil checks. Unit equipped with magnetic drain plug.