ProQuip Agitator seals

Tank Agitator Seals

ProQuip offers a complete range of tank agitator seals including vapor seals, mechanical seals and stuffing boxes.

  • Vapor Seals
  • Stuffing Box
    • High pressure, Graphited Teflon packing
    • Low pressure, Graphited Teflon packing
  • Mechanical Seals – ProQuip offers a variety of agitator mechanical seals from top seal manufactures including Chesterton, John Crane and Flowserve.
    • Single Mechanical
    • Single Split Mechanical
    • Double Mechanical
  • ProQuip mechanical seal designs allow removal of seal without need to remove the drive or shaft/impeller assembly.
  • ProQuip double mechanical seal cartridge designs allow pressure testing of seal assembly with seal shaft in the maintenance shop.