HiFlow™ High Efficiency, Low Viscosity Hydrofoil Impeller

ProQuip HiFlow High Efficiency, Low Viscosity Hydrofoil Impellers produce a very high flow/shear ratio for maximum pumping action and efficiency in low viscosity, flow controlled mixing processes.

  • Liquid blending
  • Solids suspension
  • Heat transfer
  • Crystallization
  • Dissolving
Features and Benefits
  • Maximum Pumping Action
    ProQuip HiFlow Hydrofoil Impellers feature a patented three-bladed design using the technology of fluid mechanics originally developed for the aerospace industry. HiFlow impellers produce a very high flow/shear ratio for maximum pumping action and efficiency in low viscosity, flow-controlled mixing processes. Examples include blending miscible liquids, solids suspension, heat transfer, dissolving and crystallization, and many extraction and chemical reaction
  • Lower Power Consumption than Comparable pitched blade Axial Flow Impellers
    Power and torque requirements for HiFlow Hydrofoil Impellers are usually 30% to 50% lower than for comparable axial flow turbines. Significant savings can be obtained when the HiFlow impeller is appropriately applied. Not only are smaller drive sizes required, reducing capital cost, but also the power cost savings resulting from use of HiFlow impellers will significantly reduce operating costs.
  • The Optimal Impeller Design for Solids Suspension and Dissolving Applications
    HiFlow Hydrofoil Impellers were designed with solids suspension in mind. The key to solids suspension is lifting particles off the bottom of the vessel. It requires more velocity to pick up particles than it does to maintain them in suspension. The HiFlow impeller directs a concentrated jet of high velocity fluid directly onto the floor of the vessel. This high velocity, directed where it counts, sweeps up solid particles and entrains them into a slurry more efficiently than other comparable designs.
  • Maximum Efficiency Lowers Impeller and Shaft Costs
    The HiFlow Hydrofoil Agitator Impeller can be placed farther from the tank bottom with little or no loss in mixing efficiency. This may eliminate the need for additional impellers saving both impeller and shaft costs. In solids suspension operations, placing the impeller above the settled bed avoids start up problems associated with an impeller buried in the solids. Low shear and uniform axial discharge velocity of HiFlow impellers reduces velocity and shear stress variations improving product quality in processes involving fragile solids, crystallization, emulsions and suspension
    polymerization. The relatively high mechanical strength of the tapered blade allows use of thinner blade materials,
    reducing weight and cost. Low turbulence on the blade edges and surfaces reduces wear in abrasive slurries.
  • The Right Impeller to Upgrade Your Mixing Process
    In many cases, existing mixers can be upgraded to HiFlow Hydrofoil Impellers. Operating at the same speed and power draw, pumping rate can be increased. Mixing times may be reduced to as little as 30% to 50% of those previously experienced. When combined with the highest available flow efficiency – pumping rate/horsepower – these features make the ProQuip HiFlow High Efficiency / Low Viscosity Agitator Impeller the best choice for most mixing processes.
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