HiFlow™ Doubly-Pitched, Variable Viscosity Hydrofoil Impeller

The ProQuip HiFlow Doubly-Pitched, Variable Viscosity Hydrofoil Impeller (HiFlow DP) was developed for use in applications where a significant change in viscosity occurs during the mixing operation. Its highly efficient design pumps in both directions which provides efficient, low power mixing without the use of baffles.

  • High viscosity liquid blending
  • Reactions with materials going from water-like conditions to over 150,000 cps
  • Formation of viscous slurries by the addition of a high concentration of solids (i.e., 50%)
  • Shear sensitive solids incorporation in crystallizations, polymerizations, fermentations and other bio-processes
Features and Benefits
  • Pumps in Both Directions
    The HiFlow DP agitator impeller pumps in both directions and induces a vigorous top-to-bottom turnover of a vessel
    without baffles. Water-like material circulates without excessive swirling. As viscosity increases, top-to-bottom
    circulation is still maintained because the large diameter HiFlow DP agitator impeller almost fills the vessel. Viscous material cannot bypass the mixing zone and the agitator cannot “cut a hole” in the material because the entire diameter of the vessel is swept by the impeller. It provides excellent agitation in the transition zone (Reynolds numbers in the range of 10-10,000) without requiring tank baffles.
  • Run a larger impeller with very low power demand
    The HiFlow DP agitator impeller is designed to have a very low power demand. This makes it possible to use relatively large impellers without requiring excessive horsepower.
  • Ideal for shear-sensitive solids incorporation
    The smooth geometry of the HiFlow DP agitator Impeller produces the same low level of shear as our patented HiFlow Hydrofoil impeller. Combining this low shear and the low power demand for the HiFlow DP agitator impeller makes it ideal for processes incorporating delicate or shear-sensitive components. Examples include Crystallizations, Polymerizations, Fermentations and other related bio-processes.
  • Better Incorporation of High Solids than Other Impeller Designs
    Using the HiFlow DP agitator impeller, surface movement and overall circulation in the vessel is much greater than could be obtained by another design at the same power level. This allows for a faster rate of addition of dry product to the batch. The very large diameter of the HiFlow DP agitator impeller means that the surface available for pulling down solids is much greater.
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