ProQuip Y Series Agitators

Sizes: to 200 HP
Speeds: 8 to 150 RPM
Torques: to over 100,000 in-lbs
Shaft Diameter: up to 6 inches

Y Series Top-Entry Tank Agitator

  • Rugged design with double reduction. First stage helical gears and second stage involute helicoid thread form worm gearing.
  • Strength and power of worm gear plus the efficiency of a helical or spiral bevel gear.
  • High capacity to sustain high starting loads or momentary shock overloads.
  • Oversized output shaft and heavy-duty tapered roller bearings provides precise alignment and long dependable service.
  • Dry-well dam around the output shaft provides a positive barrier against oil leakage and eliminates an output shaft oil seal.
  • Motors are standard NEMA frame, flexibly coupled to the gearbox.

Design Features

The right angle configuration of the Power Package allows mounting in minimum headroom situations, as well as providing best access for servicing. The gears are enclosed in a rugged, oil-tight, cast-iron housing for strength and dependability and for resistance to chemical attack from most corrosive fumes which may be present. The case is designed with a “dry-well” to prevent oil leakage.


Double reduction gearing provides output speeds down to 16 _ RPM with 1800 RPM motors, thus having substantially fewer parts than triple-and quadruple- reductions required in helical or spiral bevel units to reach comparable output speeds.

BFirst Stage

The first stage of reduction uses hardened, shaved precision helical gears, most suitable for quiet, long-lasting operation at motor speeds.

CSecond Stage

The second stage reduction uses worm gearing having an involute helicoids thread form. This thread form ensures proper, close contact for higher capacity and longer life than other worm gears, yet achieves high efficiency without the necessity of lapping and running-in required for other worm gears.

DGear Mechanism

The worm is machined from alloy steel and is hardened, ground and polished, providing a hard wear-resistant surface over a tough shock-resistant core.


The worm is carried in roller bearings maintaining precise alignment and providing long, dependable service. The gear is mounted on the substantially oversized output shaft, which allows large diameter overhung shafts to be used.


The Power Packages are designed so that they can be left unattended with confidence between normal routine maintenance and inspection checks.