ProQuip K Series Agitators

Sizes: to 10 HP
Speeds: 30 to 350 RPM
Torques: to over 3,000 in-lbs
Shaft Diameter: 2 inches standard

K Series Top-Entry Tank Agitator

  • Involute helicoid thread form worm gearing.
  • Heavy duty output shaft bearings.
  • Hollow quill shaft design for easy installation of shaft and precise alignment.
  • Rugged cast iron housing.
  • Standard NEMA C-face motors flexibly coupled to gearbox.

Design Features


High efficiency involute helicoid thread form worm gear provides long life and low maintenance from fewer moving parts. Gears run quietly with less than 85dba sound pressure level at 1 meter. Ratios from 5:1 to 70:1 with output torques in excess of 5,000 in-lbs.

BHeavy Duty Output Shaft Bearings

Output shaft bearings have L-10 lives in excess of 100,000 hours.

CHollow Quill Shaft Mount

Hollow bore with slotted quill provides rigid, accurate support for overhung mixer shaft and allows quick and simple shaft assembly.

DCast Iron Housing

Rugged, oil-tight, cast-iron housing for strength and dependability. Register for pin-point, positive alignment of the low-speed overhung shaft.

EStandard C-Face Industrial Motors

Readily available 1/3 – 5 HP NEMA C-face motors allow easy alignment of motor and reducer without use of shims. Motors are flexibly coupled to protect motor bearings and provide overload protection.

FDrywell Construction

Drywell gearbox construction provides positive protection against low-speed shaft oil loss.