ProQuip J Series Agitators

Sizes: to 5 HP
Speeds: 30 to 350 RPM
Torques: to over 3,000 in-lbs
Shaft Diameter: 1-1/2 inches standard

J Series Top-Entry Tank Agitator

  • Quiet running gearing with less than 85 dba.
  • Hollow quill design for easy installation of shaft and precise alignment.
  • Heavy duty output shaft bearings with L-10 lives in excess of 70,000 hours.
  • Dry-well dam around the output shaft provides a positive barrier against oil leakage and eliminates an output shaft oil seal.
  • Standard NEMA C-face motors flexibly coupled to gearbox.

Design Features

AHollow Quill Shaft Mount

Hollow bore running completely through reducer gives rigid, accurate support for overhung mixer shaft.

BSingle Reduction Worm Gear

Long life and low maintenance from fewer moving parts.

CFlexible Coupling

Long life and low maintenance from fewer moving parts.

DStandard C-Face Motor Mount

Readily available replacement motors.

EDrywell Construction

Low speed output shaft is designed for heavy-duty agitator service. Prevents oil leakage and subsequent contamination of production.

FAccomodates Heavy Duty Output Shaft Bearings

L-10 bearing life in excess of 70,000 hours.