ProQuip is your one-stop source for tank agitator repair parts, engineering services, rebuild kits and custom equipment.

In Stock Tank Agitator Parts

We know just how critical downtime can be to your operations. And we’ve responded by developing an inventory system that assures ready availability of critical parts, and a delivery network that speeds those parts right to your door. ProQuip’s standard delivery system can often ship stock parts the same day as ordered. Extremely large stock orders or those requiring additional manufacturing may take longer.

Tank Agitator Rebuild Kits

To simplify repairs, ProQuip is pleased to introduce Tank Agitator Rebuild Kits – stocked with routine maintenance items, such as bearings, gaskets and seals. Order a Rebuild Kit in advance of an emergency! Plant personnel will have all the components on-hand when time is critical. Ask your ProQuip Local Sales Representative for details or contact ProQuip Customer Service.

Genuine ProQuip Tank Agitator Parts

Sometimes old machinery can no longer satisfy current application requirements. But with genuine ProQuip parts, your worn agitators or outdated drive systems can often be retrofitted with new, more efficient components. The end result for you: a cost-effective solution that gets your proven performer back in top operating condition to handle today’s demanding service conditions.

Contact your nearest ProQuip Local Sales Representative for a quotation on replacement parts for your older ProQuip agitator or mixer.

Custom Agitator Equipment

Nearly every agitator is customized to some extent. Shaft extensions are manufactured to fit into each customer’s specific vessel or tank and impellers are sized to specifically fit the application. There are also numerous other components of an agitator which, due to customer request or design requirements, were originally custom made. ProQuip maintains records on every ProQuip agitator shipped with complete design details.

These customized components must be manufactured to the application specifications to replace the original component. Delivery of these custom components is dependent on component complexity and material availability. Shafts and impellers can often be turned around in 2 weeks or less. ProQuip offers competitive prices and assurance that replacement parts are made to the same demanding standards as the original equipment. ProQuip Local Sales Representatives would be happy to provide you with a standard quote on an aftermarket customized component.