Tank Agitators for Asphalt Production

photo of tank agitators used in asphalt productionProQuip industrial tank agitators feature rugged, high quality components and high efficiency impellers for demanding asphalt production applications.

Our cost effective mixing solutions are engineered to meet your specific needs:

Tank Volumes
1000 gallons to over 1,000,000 gallons.

Agitator Shafts and Impellers
ProQuip offers a full range of agitator shafts and impellers for efficient, trouble free mixing.

ProQuip tank agitators use heavy duty, easy-to-maintain lubricated bearings with 50,000 hour minimum L-10 bearing lives.

ProQuip tank agitators are fabricated for rigidity to provide reliable, long-term operation. They are supported by guy rods or foot-mounted with outboard pedestal supports.

Shaft Seals
ProQuip offers a complete range of shaft seals including stuffing boxes, single mechanical seals and double mechanical seals.

Top-Entry Tank Agitators

ProQuip has designed and manufactured top-entry tank agitators for many asphalt production and storage applications. This includes agitation systems for make-up tanks for polymer additions in production of polymer modified asphalt material. ProQuip top-entry agitators provide excellent mixing for incorporation of polymers into asphalt products.

ProQuip top-entry tank agitators are also used for liquid blending, solid suspension, and gas dispersion.

Side-Entry Tank Agitators

ProQuip has a full range of side-entry tank agitators for asphalt storage applications. Belt drive and gear driven designs with the following horsepower and speed ranges are available:

  • Small: 1-10HP @ 120-420 RPM
  • Medium: 15-30HP @ 150-420 RPM
  • Large: 40-100HP @ 150-420 RPM

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