Close-up photo of ProQuip Tank Agitators at Ethanol PlantINDUSTRIES

ProQuip has provided industrial tank agitators and mixing solutions for a wide variety of industries for over 50 years.

Whether you produce chemicals, monomers, polymers, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, paint, food or other products, you’ll get the engineering guidance you need from ProQuip to determine the agitator design that will best meet your process, specifications and business requirements.

Chemical Manufacturing and Processing

Chemical manufacturing and processing is a broad industry classification encompassing the wide range of chemical products and processes. For over 50 years, ProQuip has provided tank agitators and mixing solutions to the chemical industry. Learn More >  

Polymer Production

From acrylics, solution polymers, emulsion polymers to elastomers and thermoplastics, ProQuip industrial tank agitators are well-proven in low to high viscosity polymer applications.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Production

Strict, often complex validation requirements in healthcare and bio-based industries ensure the end products are safe, pure, and effective.  ProQuip will help you meet these validation requirements and provide the right custom mixing solution and tank agitator design for your mixing process.

Soaps and Cosmetics Manufacturing

ProQuip industrial tank agitators will meet various process objectives for manufacturing soaps, cosmetics and other personal care products including blending, emulsifications, and powder wet-out.  Many of these products exhibit non-Newtonian fluid characteristics.  Agitator designs are supported -with lab testing to determine viscosity behavior and using specialty impellers including ProQuip’s Doubly-Pitched HiFlowTM design.

Adhesives and Sealant Manufacturing

Proper mixing is essential to manufacturing adhesives and sealants.  From the homogenization of adhesive emulsions, to the dissolution of polymers into solvents, blending thermosets and let-down of master batches, you can rely on ProQuip to provide the mixing solution that will maximize your over-all processing efficiency and end-product quality.

Food Processing

Food manufacturers depend on ProQuip industrial tank agitators for a wide range of processing objectives.  Our durable and efficient tank agitators help food producers meet requirements for consistency, quality and freshness.

Biofuels and Ethanol Production

ProQuip tank agitators combination of high pumping action with low power consumption and durable equipment have made them the preferred choice for ethanol producers.  Over seven billion gallons of ethanol are produced annually using ProQuip agitators.  The growing biodiesel production also uses ProQuip top entry agitators on process tanks. Learn More >

Oil and Petroleum Production

Durable and dependable, ProQuip agitators are used with confidence throughout the oil and petroleum industry including asphalt storage and processing and production of polymer modified asphalt.  For refineries, sulfite to sulfate conversion is accomplished with highly efficient gas dispersing agitators.

Asphalt Production

ProQuip mixers feature rugged, high quality components and high efficiency impellers to provide cost effective agitator systems  engineered to meet or exceed your asphalt mixing requirements. ProQuip agitators are used throughout North America in asphalt applications with tank volumes from 1,000 gallons to over 1,000,000 gallons. Learn More >

Mining and Minerals

ProQuip agitators are installed in water collecting sumps as part of dewatering operations.  Other operations include phosphate tanks and draft tube crystallizers with ProQuip agitator installations.

Water and Waste Water Processing

Water and waste water facilities utilize a variety of mixing processes as specified to treat waste water from a variety of sources as specified.  ProQuip has decades of experience in these processes and will help you determine the right mixing solution to ensure your specifications are met.

Flue Gas Desulferization

ProQuip top entry agitators treat scrubbed flue gas effluent and agitate the resultant mixture to provide dry cake.  Top entry agitators are also used for lime slurry make down.

Paints and Coating Manufacturing

Changes in product requirements to waterborne systems, high-solids coatings, energy-curable inks and other low-VOC technologies have also changed mixing requirements for paint and coatings manufacturing.  You can trust ProQuip to help determine the right agitator to meet these requirements and your overall process needs for these typically non-Newtonian mixtures.