How Eggnog is Made


Holiday Favorite Has Many Commercial and Homemade Variations


Eggnog is a popular seasonal beverage consisting of eggs, cream, sugar, spices and sometimes spirits. It is mostly associated with the American holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. A similar beverage can be found in the Netherlands (advocaat, typically contains alcohol) and Germany (Eierlikör).

The origins of eggnog and the term “nog” (possibly derived from grog) are debated but England is often cited as the source. Some evidence suggest the first variations of the drink could have appeared as far back as the 1600s. The term eggnog likely didn’t appear until the late 1700s in America (The Online Etymology Dictionary). Today, over 100 million pounds of eggnog are consumed in the U.S. each year (Huffington Post)

How Commercial Eggnog is Made

Modern commercial eggnog manufacturers add gelatin and other thickeners, a cost-savings measure that enables manufacturers to produce a thick beverage while using less egg and cream. FDA regulations only require that 1% of a product’s final weight be made up of egg yolk solids for it to bear the eggnog name. In Canada, commercial eggnog must contain eggs (Wikipedia).

ProQuip Tank Agitators for Commercial Eggnog Production

A food-grade, sanitary ProQuip tank agitator is typically used for food and beverage processing including eggnog. Other specifications for the eggnog mixing process including tank size and impeller design vary per the requirements of the individual producer.

How to Make Homemade Eggnog

It’s fast and easy to make eggnog at home. Many recipes are available online. Here a few of the highest rated eggnog recipes (4.7 stars or better). Enjoy!

For More Information

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