Have You Changed Your Tank Agitator Gearbox Oil Lately?

Just like a car’s oil, the oil in your tank agitator gearbox should be changed regularly to extend its life, ensure efficient operation, and reduce the potential of unexpected failure


Photo of Tank Agitator Gearbox Oil with Oil BackgroundExpectations for today’s rotating equipment is long, trouble-free performance.  This includes gearboxes used in agitator drives.  A key element for gearbox performance is the lubrication system.

The selection of a lubrication system is dependent on the agitator gearbox design, application and operating conditions.  Lubricants must be selected in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Maintenance of the lubrication system also plays a significant role in gearbox performance.  This includes checking for proper oil level, functioning breather, flow switch if utilized, and lubrication cleanliness and condition.

Tank Agitator Gearbox Oil Types and the Recommended Frequency for Oil Changes

ProQuip OEM Service Manuals provide recommendations on the type of lubricants to use under specific operating conditions. Service manuals in pdf format are forwarded with each new ProQuip shipment.

Your ProQuip Service Manual also provides recommendations on how frequently you should change your tank gitator gearbox oil as well as re-grease lubrication points. A procedure for inspection, verification of condition of the lubrication system and documentation is common practice.

For More Information

To request a Service Manual for your ProQuip tank agitator, or to obtain more information about tank agitator gearbox maintenance, email applications@proquipinc.com or call us at 330-468-1850.