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2021 Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) in Review

I just returned from the Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo (FEW) in Des Moines, Iowa. The show was held in-person after a year hiatus due to COVID-19. The atmosphere felt relatively normal, and we saw many familiar faces. The cancellation of last year’s in-person FEW (it was held virtually) has been one of many pandemic-related […]

The Science of Golf Balls

The high-tech materials, design and manufacturing behind the most sophisticated – and controversial – ball in sports Most sports use some type of ball. None incorporate more science and technology than the modern golf ball. This in the Mix blog looks at the history of the golf ball and its evolution into the designs in […]

Industrial Mixing Basics: Up-pumping for Suspended Solids

Use of the ProQuip HiFlowTM Hydrofoil Impeller in Mixing Applications with Sinking and Floating Solids Suspended solids in mixing applications fall into one of two categories: sinking or floating. This In The Mix blog includes several videos demonstrating the effect of up-pumping and down-dumping on sinking and floating solids with ProQuip HiFlow Hydrofoil Impellers. Sinking […]

How Super Glue is Made

Super Glue, also Known as Cyanoacrylate (CA), is One of the Five Types of Glue   Winter is the perfect time to fix what’s broken inside your home. For quick jobs that require bonding two surfaces (like a broken coffee mug handle), super glue is a common and simple solution. Of course, super glue isn’t […]

It’s Pumpkin Spice Season

The Food Fad that Started Almost Two Decades Ago Shows No Signs of Slowing As I write this, we are already well into “pumpkin spice” season. Products flavored with the wildly popular spice blend usually start to appear not long after Labor Day. They typically disappear from store shelves soon after Thanksgiving. While pumpkin spice […]

How Hot Sauce is Made

From Tabasco to Sriracha to Sweeter Reaper, Hot Sauce is Seemingly on Every Table and Put on Every Food The Great Lakes region of the U.S. is not known for jumping on trends quickly. This is especially true in the Cleveland area where ProQuip is located. Our adoption of “the latest thing” often lags other […]

How to Stain a Pressure-Treated Wood Deck

Working from Home May Provide the Extra Time You Need to Rejuvenate the Core Component of Your Backyard Oasis   Backyard decks have become a sanctuary for many that have become part of the work from home legion. Unfortunately, long work commutes and periods of time away from home left many of those decks neglected […]

How Asphalt is Made

Asphalt Production Rises as Winter Ends and Road Construction Season Nears In the northern part of the U.S. where ProQuip is located, there are two seasons: winter and road construction season. With winter finally over (hopefully – it snowed last week, but 80 degree highs are in the 10 day forecast), orange barrels will soon […]

How Tires Are Made

Modern Pneumatic Tires Are Very Different Than Those First Made Over a Century Ago for an Irish Boy with a Headache Tires, specifically car tires, are like washing machines. We don’t give them much thought until they need to be replaced. And when they do need to be replaced, we struggle to pay the increasingly […]