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How Antifreeze is Made

The Product Most of Us Take for Granted Keeps Our Cars Running All Winter (and Year-Round) It’s January, it’s cold throughout much of the U.S. (the high temperature in most of the country is below 50 degrees as I write this) and antifreeze is hard at work keeping motorists warm and on the road. Most […]

The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish

In a few days, families, friends and even strangers in the United States will gather around dining tables to celebrate Thanksgiving. Pilgrims and Puritans started what became the Thanksgiving holiday shortly after they arrived in America in the early 1600s. They celebrated a similar day each year in England to give thanks for the fall […]

New Data Sheet Makes it Easier to Specify ProQuip Tank Agitators

Our new data sheet makes it easier than ever to specify ProQuip Tank Agitators. The new data sheet is in pdf format and has a simple, straightforward layout with editable fields for the following agitator specifications: Vessel/Tank Characteristics Tank Dimensions Construction Materials Environmental Shaft Seal Type Motor Characteristics Operating Characteristics Process Considerations To use the […]

How Toothpaste is Made

Many give little thought to how toothpaste is made despite the fact they use toothpaste in a daily routine they’ve performed each morning and night since childhood. Perhaps the lack of interest is because the teeth brushing process is mundane and simple: grab a toothbrush, apply toothpaste, brush thoroughly, spit out toothpaste, rinse mouth. The […]

Industrial Mixing Basics: High Viscosity Mixing Impellers

This is the fourth blog in our Industrial Mixing Basics series on mixing impellers. It focuses on high viscosity mixing impellers (i.e., laminar flow impellers). These include the double helix impellers and ProQuip Doubly-Pitched HiFlow™ impeller. Laminar Flow Impellers Blending high viscosity fluids generally requires a mixing impeller that operates effectively in a high viscosity/laminar […]

Best Beers for Summer Sipping

ProQuip has long served the beer industry as a supplier of tank agitators. Some of the biggest names in the brewing industry use ProQuip mixing solutions. If you are a beer drinker, there is a good chance you’ve had a pint that used a ProQuip tank agitator in the brewing process. In this In the […]

Industrial Mixing Basics: Mixing Impeller Power

The third blog in our series on mixing impellers focuses on mixing impeller power.  As discussed in part one of this blog series, characteristics common to all mixing impellers include: Flow Pattern (part two in series) Impeller Power Fluid Pumping Rate Fluid Velocity Fluid Shear This blog discusses the mechanical power associated with a mixing […]

Celebrating a Half Century of ProQuip Tank Agitators

A Lot has Changed Since 1969, Except Our Dedication to Advanced Design, Manufacturing Excellence and Outstanding Customer Service In 1969, Lyndon Baines Johnson was the United States President, the Beatles performed together for the last time on a rooftop in London (their official breakup was announced in 1970), Oliver! won the Academy Award for Best Picture, […]

Industrial Mixing Basics: Mixing Impeller Flow Patterns

A primary classification of industrial mixer impellers is their liquid flow pattern in a mixed vessel.  This characteristic is used to provide the type of mixing that is desired for a particular application. Axial Flow Pattern Axial flow impellers are designed to provide primarily an up and down flow pattern.  This flow pattern develops using […]

Industrial Mixing Basics: Types of Mixing Impellers

Common Characteristics of Mixing Impeller Designs In part one of our blog series on types of mixing impellers, we look at the characteristics common to all industrial mixing impeller designs and a list of ProQuip high performance mixing impellers based on shear and viscosity. The impeller is a key component of industrial tank agitator design. In technical terms, […]