ProQuip industrial tank agitators provide reliable, efficient operation in a variety of liquid mixing applications. Click on the links below for more information about each application including tanks/vessel design considerations.

Liquid Blending

Liquid blending is  the mixing of two or more miscible liquids to a measurable level of uniformity.

Solids Suspension

Solids suspension mixing applications maintain a slurry of solid particles in a liquid.


Dispersion (liquid-liquid) is the production of a suspension of droplets of one liquid in another immiscible liquid.


Dissolution is the solution of solid (particles) in a liquid to form a homogeneous phase.


Emulsification is the production of an apparently homogeneous liquid from two or more immiscible liquids.

Washing or Leaching

Washing or leaching is the preferential solution of one or more components of a solid (particle) leaving other components behind and undissolved.

Gas Dispersion and Absorption

Gas dispersion is the production of a suspension of bubbles of gas in an immiscible liquid.


Crystallization is opposite of dissolution. It is the production of a suspension of solids from a solution (often called a “mother liquor”) of the solid component in a liquid.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer (as a mixing application) is the transfer of heat between the contents of the tank/vessel and a heating or cooling surface provided for that purpose.